Many members of the Cascadia community have been wondering about Cascadia 2017. Several of you have pinged us about tickets, sponsorships, etc. This webpage is meant to provide a public update on the status of this event.

Cascadia as we know it (CFP opening in January, event occurring in July/August 2017) is not going to happen. Some personal events have transpired in my life caused me to reflect a great deal on Cascadia, the time and effort that goes into it, and the impact this has on me and my family. I decided that I would not be able to devote the time and energy necessary over the next 6-7 months to ship this event on schedule.

This doesn't mean Cascadia won't happen later this year or won't happen again, but there are no firm answers right now. I am very sorry if this information is disappointing to people. It's deeply disappointing to me. Thank you for all the support and I hope to have happier news for everyone in the near future.

Carter Rabasa
Founder, CascadiaJS